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Dr. Bruce Perry on Staying Emotionally Close In The Time of COVID-19



Bruce Perry


Fascinating (free) podcast featuring Dr. Bruce Perry on the “TraumaTherapist|2.0 from Guy Macpherson PhD !

Although the target of the podcast is therapists, the advice is invaluable for us all.



Dr. Perry’s “$64,000” guiding question and his responses:

How to bring structure and predictability [routine] to this stressing time?


—  Call it “physical distancing”, not “social distancing”. We need to stay emotionally close. It will require intentionality. We help regulate each other, we regulate with each other.

Encourage each other.

—  When interacting during stress, realize that you may need to [calmly] say the same thing again and again and again. Cognitive capabilities will fluctuate.

—  Change the PATTERN of stress-activation or “doses” for children [and for yourself and your community] to a predictable and controllable pattern. Control the “dosing”.

—  Do not get yoked to television of the same news topic. Turn off the media-controlled news-cycle [take back some control]. It’s like “turning down the heat burner” on the stress response system. It’s especially important two-three hours before bedtime.

Limit stressful exposures to maybe once [dose] in the morning and maybe once in the evening, under your own control. Insert positive regulation doses regularly; more than once throughout the day.



“…[we] find comfort in predictability” (Dr Macpherson)


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