Court refuses to dismiss claim for Mental Health supports in Education


“The Court’s ruling recognizes the right of Havasupai students to have a school with sufficient teachers, staff, and services to provide support that students need to learn. ” ….

….”for the first time ever a federal court supports the idea that the federal government has an obligation to meet the mental health and wellness needs of students attending its schools,”



“On March 29, 2018, Plaintiffs won their first major court victory in Stephen C. v. Bureau of Indian Education, a landmark lawsuit asserting the educational rights of Native American students.  In a historic ruling, a federal court in Arizona denied the federal government’s motion to dismiss claims brought by Havasupai students and the Native American Disability Law Center.

The court ruled, for the first time in the nation, that the federal government must meet the educational needs of Native American students attending schools run by the federal Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) by affirmatively addressing the mental health and wellness needs of students impacted by trauma and childhood adversity”     Click Here to link to the full summary.


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Click here for the full Court Ruling.

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