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“The Hard Part”


Peter Greene’s work in The Huffington Post and (earlier) in his blog, Curmudgucation,  absolutely nails a core truth in the life of Teachers, Teachers who care.

The sum of all expectations are simply impossible to deliver…  physically, emotionally or financially. Paraphrasing: There will never be enough time… enough resources… and especially never enough of me to go around.

The exclamation point on the hard part, for teachers who care, is dealing with that sobering reality, being reminded of insufficiencies, daily. Daily ! As a new teacher, dealing with this reality, it was only the encouragement of senior, great teachers and a deep sense of calling which kept me going.

To this day, we do know things can be done more effectively, “but”… We also know that we need more investment on all levels, especially the “people” level. Overlapping with the hard part is today’s political environment, comprised of “outsiders”, naive outsiders (defacto) driving more and more great teachers and future great teachers from the profession — from the starting point of “never enough”.

Excellent work from Peter Greene.  Read his work here: