I have been teaching . . . (actually, mostly learning) in Philadelphia public schools for 20 years.   I live, and work, and worship in the Hunting Park neighborhood of north Philadelphia, with students we’ve served. The Philadelphia Inquirer has described the neighborhood as ” a gritty, drug infested barrio “.  Nevertheless, my neighbors and students are steadfast, creative and inspiring in the way they wrestle with many life challenges. They have taught me much.  

It has been a riveting, enlightening, and life-changing experience.



Prior to public education,   I worked as a business executive in consumer products categories for about 17 years,  and earlier as a biomedical photographer.

Hard to predict.

Traditional at heart.

Artist’s soul.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love the work you are doing. Have you heard that we will be having public hearings before Philadelphia City Council on standardized testing? http://appsphilly.wikispaces.com/file/view/Standardized%20Testing%20Resolution.pdf/521845618/Standardized%20Testing%20Resolution.pdf

    We need people to testify about the impact of testing on children, and you’d be great. If you’d like to talk contact me at optoutphilly at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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  2. Hi! I love your focus on trauma, and away from standardized testing. I am seeking material on trauma from being raised by a parent with a very difficult personality disorder. I have a friend who is struggling with her 7 year old child in this situation. My friend has removed the other parent now, but the child is already highly trauma impacted. My friend desperately needs ideas about how to help her child.
    Many thanks!


    1. Eliza, I will get you some links tomorrow. A general resource I would suggest off top of my head is “Trauma through a Child’s Eyes”. It is a book by a respected author with suggestions for other authors inside also. If you reply with an email, I will not make the note or email ‘public’ Daun


  3. Hi Dan, I just found your blog via N.A.H. and am really looking forward to reading more. But first I wanted to invite you to be a part of a facebook group I just started “Social Justice Bloggers” It’s to network, share resources, support one another’s work, discuss things relevant to our niche. I just set it up this morning, so there are only 7 members! You should be #8 🙂 Hope to see you there

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Daun Kauffman on urban education, on justice, mercy, and love . . . with a humble spirit as the goal.

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