Philadelphia City Council, Education Commitee: Standardized testing hearing: testimony NOTES



For Video counterpart of this Philadelphia City Council Hearing, please  CLICK HERE.


For “A Rookie goes to City Council“, the companion article at,  please CLICK HERE.





6 thoughts on “Philadelphia City Council, Education Commitee: Standardized testing hearing: testimony NOTES”

  1. Daun, I would like your permission to share this video & PP presentation with my pre-service teachers. I teach at the University of TN, Knoxville in Special Education. Our state is overrun with “Education Reformers. TN education laws were written by ALEC. TN Dept of Ed is a product of Race to the Top malfeasance, TFA, & The Broad Academy cult. TN General Assembly is 90% Tea Party.
    My hope is to educate our young college grads in an alternative vision for public education and find their inner resistance to unjust paradigms.

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      1. Thanks, that would be great. I appreciate it! You can send it to
        Let’s keep in contact. I may want you to present to my students on skype next semester. They need to connect the local changes in Knoxville to a national context.


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