The View from Japan: Common Core is a disaster in the making

RE-BLOGGED FROM Christopher Chase at  “Creative by Nature”.     Powerful perspective from afar.

Current USA infatuation with “standardizing” the art of learning and teaching:  we’ve fallen back, way back, past the entire   ‘whole child’.

Sadly we’ve regressed from child focussed values in learning and teaching to the position of “score valuing” and score-focussed teaching.  See “What’s Missing?“.  We are fueling the power and prevalence of Childhood Trauma (ACE).



As for actual learning, or learning how to learn . . .well, according to Mr. Chase:

“What many supporters of Common Core ignore is that the “rigorous” high-stakes testing approach that they wish to impose on our children has been experimented with in many other nations, and has been a complete failure. Once in place it dominates all instruction, turning schools into test prep factories, and students into test-taking machines.”

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