* * NOWHERE TO HIDE * * Jamar’s Hyperarousal Defense


Jamar loved his sister, his mom and his grandmom. Dad was “away.” Grandmom had court appointed custody because of the abuse Jamar had suffered from Mom’s boyfriend.


Grandmom was exhausted from her day job and her new, ‘parent’ status, so some weekends she still sent the kids back to Mom. 


Several weekend “surprise” visits from Mom’s boyfriend included more extended,  intense abuse where Jamar’s screams were muffled by stuffing socks in his mouth.   It was more than 8 year-old Jamar could bear.  He was taken to the Crisis Center after attempting suicide.

The chronic fear and stress has changed the physical architecture of Jamar’s brain.


Jamar is hypervigilant now, continually scanning everything and everyone for threats.  

When a classmate innocently bumps him,  Jamar flips instantly to hostile aggression mode.   Jamar’s laser-like focus on social behaviors, his fears and misperceptions of threat keep him biologically hyperaroused, with a bias to action. Sometimes throwing chairs.

Jamar’s system is always a heartbeat away from high alert, or “hyperarousal” —  a common neurobiological defense to developmental trauma.  Engrained neurobiological stress responses and a chemical chain-reaction kick in automatically. 

Developmental trauma defenses are varied and complex.  Jamar’s hyperarousal contrasts sharply with another defense called ‘dissociation‘.  There is much for us to learn.

Ultimately, when we peel back the layers on Jamar’s behavior, we learn to respond dramatically differently. 

Whether abuse, family dysfunction or neglect, childhood trauma impacts 2 out of 3 kids.  Experts call it “epidemic.”


Trauma-Informed adults CAN make a difference.

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How trauma ‘gets under the skin’: Biological and cognitive processes of child maltreatment                                              CLICK HERE     (PAGE 7)


After trauma,  social interpretations change                    CLICK HERE 



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