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Temple Hospital evades “informed consent” to experiment on us?


Temple Hospital, in north Philadelphia, continues pursuing a dangerous experiment:     delaying emergency medical treatment of us and our Hunting Park (north Philadelphia) neighbors and friends without our consent.

More specifically, their experiment involves delaying emergency treatment of gunshot and stabbing victims from the crime scene until arrival at Temple Hospital?

Ethical Shortcomings?

The Temple staff themselves, in an HBO video interview linked below,  describe the process of “delaying treatment” (in order to obtain informed consent) as “ethically wrong”.

According to the Temple staff, in their own words, it’s “ethically wrong” to delay treatment to request a patient’s consent, but, in fact, Temple’s experiment requires delaying treatment (even longer)?  Confusing?  It gets worse…

Temple also claims that they already have been implementing the idea of delaying emergency treatment “every single day… for a very long time” —  without waiting for any experiment, or approval, or data analysis.   Our First-Tier right, the right to give (or withhold) informed consent before being experimented upon, is gone?  Wow…

Stop and think about that for a moment.

The Temple staff claims that the U. S. FDA permits this possibility of skipping over the patient’s informed consent. Temple claims to have obtained this “exception.” Their experiment with delaying treatment would not require the usual patient’s ‘consent’.

Temple’s Second-Tier, alternate procedure does require that “Communities… are adequately informed about the risks and expected benefits of the research.”

Communication Shortfalls?

We live here in the Hunting Park community in north Philadelphia. Temple Hospital has NOT asked or gotten informed consent from us.  Temple has NOT  “adequately informed” our community, by any definition, about any aspect of their experiment.  We and our friends and neighbors have never heard word-one from Temple Hospital including any information about “risks and expected [possible] benefits,” nor how to opt out.

My own source is HBO, not Temple Hospital!

Our own informal surveying in the neighborhood found two people who had “heard of” Temple’s plan. We asked only residents of Hunting Park if they were informed about the experiment.   A single resident could describe it accurately…   only one of 50ish.  Yes, a small sample, but a stunning lack of communication: 96% of the community, or more, seems to be in the dark.

Even further,  what about commuters?  Commuters who come into our neighborhood for retail work, or government services, or the medical clinics, or the schools, or any other destination.  They are likely even less aware of Temple Hospital’s experiment, less likely to have given their informed consent, and less aware of how to opt-out.

Our  Second-Tier right of being (only)  “adequately informed about the risks and expected benefits of the research” seems trampled also.

 See the HBO report, “One Shot to Live”.  Click here.  

A  Targeted Community? 

Temple Hospital employees describe us as “this patient population.”  They have already determined (for us) that “less is more”.

The HBO narrator describes the impacted population as “mostly” young black men.  Wikipedia, citing the 2010 Census,  reports Hunting Park, in north Philadelphia, as 56% Hispanic.

Whether black or brown, Hunting Park is a very different “population” than the Temple Hospital experimenters who have decided our lives should be risked, without our consent, so they can possibly prove a hypothesis they have (and probably write a few papers about).

Seemingly Temple’s hypothesis allows no room for the possibilities that a shooting victim in our neighborhood may be elderly, or may already have been battling pre-existing mental, physical or other challenges: challenges requiring immediate evaluation and stabilization of their own, prior to treating life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Translation:  a Third-Tier of trampled rights are our civil rights.

Being experimented upon without consent is yet another example of “normalized”, even institutionalized, oppression.

When the rights of black and brown families are imposed upon by others  in power, without their consent, or without even their knowledge — in this case, very possibly, for a life-or-death experiment — there’s a name for it.  It’s called institutional racism.  In contrast, can you imagine Temple trying to finesse their way through whispered, stealth ‘approval’ of their exception-requiring experiment on humans if it was centered in Old City,  Society Hill or Chestnut Hill?

Pixabay Stevepb
Pixabay Stevepb

Temple’s deceptive attempt at a stealth process to gain “consent” is a mere mirage;

a mirage encasing their very questionable “hypothesis” behind their  unconscionable experiment on all of us living and working here.

Temple’s pursuit of an “exception” to informed consent, driving this communication charade, is morally wrong.

Help us?  Please contact Temple Hospital, the FDA, Philadelphia City Council, the Mayor and your State legislators.  (Contact info is linked at the bottom of this page).  Ask them to stop Temple Hospital from continuing their dangerous experiment of delaying medical treatment of us and our Hunting Park neighbors and friends without our explicit consent  and without adequately informing us about the risks and expected benefits.

Then please share this post.

See the HBO report, “One Shot to Live”.  Click here.  
Photo © Daun Kauffman
Photo © Daun Kauffman

 Call or Email info at links below:

United States FDA Click HERE for contact info

Pennsylvania State Legislators Click HERE for contact info

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Click HERE for contact info

Philadelphia City Council Click HERE for contact info 
Temple Hospital  Click HERE for contact info