Philadelphia Trauma-Training Conference July 2018


“The Second Annual Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference will provide an intensive, collaborative training experience to providers, educators and leaders across health, education, and social service disciplines, as well as to community members invested in the health of families, neighborhoods, and cities” 






“Participants will identify, explore and experience approaches to:


  • Prevent incidences of trauma for their patients, students, clients and family members within their organizations and communities;


  • Mitigate the impact of trauma exposure on individuals, communities and systems in order to prevent negative social, psychological, educational and health outcomes; and


  • Prevent vicarious trauma to sustain a healthy, vibrant workforce and community.
Keynote Speakers:

Lee Mun Wah,  filmmaker/author

Howard C. Stevenson, Ph. D.

More Information and Registration Click Here


Maps and Directions:  Click Here

“Eventbrite” Page direct link Click here



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